Cross Media


AXMEDIS Mobile Player  v.1.6

AXMEDIS Java Mobile Player AXMEDIS for cross-media content.

AKTive Media  v.1.0

AKtive Media is an ontology based cross-media annotation (Images and Text) system.


AXMEDIS  v.3.2.51

AXMEDIS is the ultimate solution for cross-media content business. The novel AXMEDIS approach provides tools for an efficient and valuable content management: from production, elaboration, management and protection,

AXEPTool  v.4.4

AXMEDIS P2P client, a very easy-to-use P2P bittorrent client, joint the network with cross media content and tools, audio, video, animations and tools from axmedis partners: VRS, AFI, TISCALI, GIUNTI, XIM, BBC, etc.

Axmedis Multiskin Player  v.1.9.0

This installer provides a Multiskin Player for AXMEDIS MPEG-21 Cross-media Contents. Customize your AXMEDIS Player according to your needs and style. The package contains AXMEDIS MPEG-21 demostrative contents as well. The AXMEDIS player with SKIN for

AXMEDIS ActiveX and DotNet Players  v.1 6

This installer provides two Players for AXMEDIS MPEG-21 Cross-media Contents player for PC. The player skin can be customized according eachone preferences and styles. caThe package contains AXMEDIS MPEG-21 demostrative contents as well. The AXMEDIS

VoxOx  v.2.5.0 rev3453 Beta

VoxOx is the first ever Universal Communicator Service that manages all forms of cross-media communication for consumers. It is the only service that unifies today's key communication channels - voice, video, Instant Messaging (IM), text,

Adobe InDesign  v.7.0.2 CS5

Adobe InDesign program supports accessible cross-media publication, allowing you to export InDesign documents to PDF, XHTML, and XML.

Atomik Roundtrip  v.1.0

Atomik Roundtrip 1.

Overset Manager  v.5.1

Overset Manager for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy gives you complete control over text length and text overset, enabling you to count, display, edit and print overset text.

Smart Connection Pro CS3  v.5.0.9

Smart Connection Pro 4 is a scalable open source and database-driven version of the leading editorial workflow solution for Adobe Inc.

Vjoon Notes Manager  v.3.1

Notes Manager will totally change the way you work with inline notes in Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy.

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